Board Consulting at Its Very Best

Formal Boardroom

Great Companies Deserve Great Boards

A Board of Directors should be an important asset to the company it governs - and to the CEO, executives and shareholders of that company. That's what we believe and that's the focus of our work.

We've worked with more than 150 boards over the past 20+ years - from Fortune 500s to recent IPOs - across the U.S. and around the world.

Formal Boardroom

Why Boards and CEOs Choose Board Advisor:

  1. Our work has real impact for the boards we consult to - and they enjoy working with us. They achieve meaningful, often dramatic results for the time and money invested.
  2. We take a practical approach grounded in significant experience from working in the boardroom day in and day out, for more than two decades.
  3. Working with boards effectively requires the credibility and experience that only comes from undertaking multiple board engagements. We do not pass off any of our work to junior staff in an attempt to leverage fees.
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