Meaningful Board and Director Evaluations

Modern Boardroom

Board Evaluations

In 2011, Agenda magazine found that only 30% of directors considered their annual board evaluations to be "highly effective". Our clients are in that 30%. If you want to explore a new approach to make your board evaluation alot more interesting and productive, you should get in touch with us.

We've seen alot of change in board evaluations in the past 2 years alone: Boards are abandoning surveys in favor of comprehensive interviews designed to elicit meaningful feedback from every board member.

We know the right questions to ask - and how to ask them. Our board evaluation reports are not only meaningful - board members enjoy reading them! Most important, our process yields an Action Plan that your board can use for implementaton - and that's what makes all the difference in terms of impact.

But perhaps the greatest value we bring to any board evaluation is our extensive boardroom experience - knowledge of how other boards have tackled the same issues you might be wrestling with - what works and what doesn't.

Director Evaluations

We've done individual director evaluations since 1996, when our first client introduced them in North America. We do them much differently now - because we've learned what works and what doesn't in this area from doing dozens of these over the past 20 years.

A peer review - where specific, constructive feedback is gathered from every member of the board - is the only process we endorse. For obvious reasons, this should be done by an experienced third party using a series of confidential interviews and probes.

If it's done right, your board will find this one of the most valuable exericses they've ever undertaken. To get more information on doing it right CLICK HERE to contact us.