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Coaching Executives on Working With Their Boards

We draw on our knowledge of Boards to help CEOs and senior executives become more effective in working with theirs. Overwhelming board materials and dull presentations do more than just waste directors' valuable time, they can impact board decision-making. Yet most executives receive little training on how to work with the Board of Directors.

Building a board-savvy executive team has significant benefits that extend both ways: The board, for its part, typically finds that meetings are far more constructive, debates more robust and decision-making feels more solid. And executives get far more value by effectively leveraging directors’ expertise and having more impact – which can also have significant career implications for their personal success. After all, the higher any executive rises in a company, the more time he or she will be spending working with the board. Today, public company CEOs typically spend about 20% of their time on board-related matters.


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