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• One-on-one coaching for a company President - which included gathering specific and candid feedback from all board members - resulted in notable improvement at the next board meeting.

• Conducted a half-day workshop on board effectiveness for the entire executive team of a business unit about to IPO from a Fortune 500 company.

• Conducted an individualized workshop with the SVP, Human Resources of a midcap retail company on optimizing her effectiveness in working with her Board and H.R. Committee.
Coaching Executives on Working With Their Boards
Three years ago, we began drawing on our knowledge of boards to help CEOs and senior executives become more effective in working with theirs.

The higher you rise in any company, the more time you'll be spending working with the board. Today, CEOs typically spend about 15% of their time on board-related matters - some Fortune 500 CEOs say its over 20%.

Most CEOs and senior executives learn how to work with their boards from watching their boss. But many things they may not even realize can make all the difference to their credibility and impact in the boardroom.
Helping CEOs and Top Executives
Shine in the Boardroom
We Work with Top Executives to Build Their Boardroom Skills and Confidence