Using Your Board as a Thought
Partner on Strategic Issues

Boardroom Chess

Strategy: The #1 Issue for Boards

PriceWaterhouse Coopers found that Strategy is the #1 issue that most board members want to devote more time to. But we don't think TIME is the issue. It's the way that the board engages in strategy that could be improved - to better leverage the board's expertise and experience.

The real question is this: Are you using your board as an audience or a thought-partner? Most board meetings - even strategy offsites - are 75% management presentations and 25% discussion. Boards want to shift that ratio - to become more engaged. If you want to make a shift and get more real value from your board on strategy, we can help.

Dog and Pony
"Most board strategy retreats are a dog and pony show of management presentations to the board."
- Fortune 500 Board Member
Tire Kicking
"Usually, management presents their strategy and the board "kicks the tires" by asking questions. But that seldom leverages the board's experience and knowledge. This is a real waste of a valuable corporate resource"
- Fortune 500 CEO