Take your board to the top of it's game


Board Consulting is Our Core Business

It's not a sideline to an executive search, compensation or leadership coaching practice. We're all about boards - and we bring unparalleled expertise, knowledge and experience to our clients on key board issues.

We've worked with nearly 200 boards – in the United States, Canada and around the world over the past 25 years. We're the best in the business.

The boardrooms of the S&P1500 is where you'll typically find us, but we've worked with boards of private companies, family-controlled companies, spin-offs, government-controlled companies, non-profits, pension funds and trade associations – all with tremendous success.

Beverly Behan, President of Board Advisor, LLC

has had the privilege of working with Boards of Directors of the S&P1500 and companies around the globe for the past 25 years – ranging from the Fortune 500 to recent IPOs, from New York and Toronto to Bogota, Kuala Lumpur, and Tel Aviv. A former partner in the Corporate Governance Practice of Mercer Delta and former Managing Director of the Hay Group's Global Board Effectiveness Practice, Bev founded Board Advisor, her own board consulting firm in New York, more than 10 years ago. Her last book, Great Companies Deserve Great Boards (2011, Palgrave MacMillan) was named Governance Book of the Year by Directors & Boards magazine.
Board Advisor President, Beverly Behan, on a panel after her keynote address to the American Colombian Chamber of Commerce in Bogota.