Our Board Champions Advisory Program:

A Unique Resource for Board Leaders who Value Innovation and Excellence


A Board Champion is a board leader who wants to create and maintain a truly outstanding board: A board they’re genuinely proud to lead; one that leverages the talent of their fellow directors and inspires management. Board Champions embrace fresh perspectives and practical ideas that can take their board "from good to great" - and keep a great board vibrant.

Board Champions are our favorite clients. In fact, they're the only kind of board leaders we work with – because we’re all about excellence and innovation in creating outstanding Boards of Directors. Any milquetoast board leader who's focused on status isn't our cup of tea. We only want to work with Champions – to help them create boards they're genuinely proud to lead and successfully navigate the challenges inherent in effective board leadership.

That's why we created our Board Champions Advisory Program. It provides ongoing access to the author, herself, for 2 hours/month of confidential, individual one-on-one consulting on a range of board-related issues - tapping into her experience working with nearly 200 Boards of Directors over the past 25 years. The Program may be either 12 months ($25,000 US) or 6 months ($15,000 US) in duration; time can be "banked" or "accelerated" for up to 3 months - a total of 6 hours per quarter. Click here for more information, on our Board Champions Advisory Program.