The Board of Directors Sets The Tone at The Top of Any Organization.

Board Evaluations should always explore several dimensions of corporate culture. But because this factor is so important, many boards find value in a Board Culture Assessment, which focuses entirely on board dynamics, the board/management relationship and whether board culture aligns with corporate culture. These Assessments can be particularly useful when a new CEO takes the helm, as many boards want to change both the board/management dynamics that developed during the prior CEO’s tenure and the corporate culture, itself.

Our Board Culture Assessments:

  • Use confidential, focused interviews designed to get at the nuances of cultural issues – something that can rarely be achieved with a survey format or an internal process;
  • Incorporate senior management’s perspective as well as that of the board; for family-owned entities, we often incorporate the views of other family members, as well, to ensure that family values are reflected in the Assessment process.
  • Map the board’s current operating mode relative four board archetypes: Collaborative Oversight, Reporting Out, Micro-Management and Hands-On.  Download our complimentary white paper on the Four Board Archetypes to learn more.
  • Consider board development initiatives required to either shift board culture, address performance gaps or derive even greater value from a high performing governance team.

Our real expertise is in solutions.  In formulating them, we draw on our experience working with nearly 200 boards over the past 25 years on a wide range of board dynamics issues.