Becoming a Boardroom Star

On-Line Workshop

Includes the eBook and video presentations that correlate with each chapter:

 Part I:  Becoming a Boardroom Star

  • Stars and Dogs
  • Governance is a Team Sport
  • Five Board Archetypes

Part II: Welcome to the Boardroom

  • Drinking from a Firehose
  • Site Visits
  • Nose In, Fingers Out
  • New Director 360s

 Part III:  Hallmarks of a Boardroom Star

  • Boardrooms are Like Fishbowls
  • 10 Common Boardroom Pitfalls
  • Profiles in Boardroom Courage

Part IV: Board Leadership

  • A Boardroom Star Becomes a Boardroom Champion
  • Chairing a Board Committee
  • Key Facets of the Board Chair Role
  • Director Performance Management

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