Building Board 2.0

We’re not headhunters. We help boards design the optimal composition of their future board (Board 2.0) before they even start director searches using the most effective board succession planning tool we’ve ever found.

Board 2.0 was featured in the Jan/Feb, 2021 issue of The Corporate Boardsee Board Refreshment for the full article.  A 45 minute working session on Board 2.0 with your Board Chair, Nom/Gov Committee Chair or CEO starts at only $1500; a session with the Nom/Gov Committee at $3500.

Board Composition Benchmarking

Board Composition Benchmarking is a data-driven analysis that provides useful due diligence for board succession planning and the development of director recruitment priorities. Some boards use this as a supplement to a Board 2.0 exercise; others as a stand-alone exercise. It nearly always produces eye-opening results. You can learn more about Board Composition Benchmarking from downloading the white paper.

Board Advisor can either undertake a Board Composition Benchmarking analysis for your board – or we can provide guidance and oversight to your own internal team. We answer questions that inevitably arise mid-project and review your team’s analysis before it’s presented to the board. We’ll also discuss the implications of the analysis and key take-away’s from the exercise.

Director Orientation

Recruiting the optimal governance team is only the beginning. We can help make the most of your board talent by providing advice on the redesign of your Director Orientation Program to get your new directors up the learning curve so that they can start making solid boardroom contributions as soon as possible. Check out the New Director 360 for more information on an innovation in new director development created for a Fortune 100 board in 2019.