We wrote the book on Board and Director Evaluations.

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Board Evaluations

Boards are comprised of intelligent, accomplished businesspeople – so we build our board evaluations around structured conversations designed to leverage directors’ insights and perspectives.  We cover all eight parameters of board-building, but tailor our process to each board’s unique circumstances.  It’s the best board evaluation methodology we’ve found in 25 years of working in the boardroom. It helps make “good boards great” and keep great boards vibrant.    Many boards view our evaluations as a team-building exercise–creating director alignment, resolving important issues and enabling the board to more fully realize its potential. Click here to download your free copy of Building a Board Evaluation for a Sophisticated Board, an excerpt from Chapter Two of Board & Director Evaluations: Innovations for 21st Century Governance Committees.

Director Evaluations

Our experience in director evaluations dates to 1996. We know what works and what doesn’t.  Scores are meaningless; laundry lists of write-in comments don’t achieve much, either.  Specific, constructive and balanced feedback makes a director evaluation process genuinely worthwhile and that’s at the heart of our director evaluation methodology.

Innovations in Board-Building

We also offer a unique Board Workshop: Innovations in Board Building which outlines FIVE innovative board-building tools developed from our client work in the S&P1500 that every Nominating/Governance Committee should know about – including redesigned board evaluations and director evaluations.
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