Optimizing the Board/Management Relationship

Initially developed for New Board Chairs and/or New CEOs, this process is invaluable for any board or corporate leader who wants to make the most of their board and create a positive, productive working relationship with the senior management team. It works particularly well when structured as a collaboration between board and corporate leadership. And it’s gained even more traction as boards in the US and around the world seek to shift their operating mode to Collaborative Oversight – download The Five Board Archetypes for more discussion.

This process begins with a review of two prior board agendas and pre-reading materials, any prior board evaluations and other relevant documents (roles of the CEO and Chair, etc.) and preliminary conversations with both board and corporate leadership.  From there, we create two parallel interview protocols for a series of confidential conversations with every member of the board and the company’s top executives. This provides structure and focus, so that we’re getting insights on the most important issues identified from our preliminary review.Engaging both board members and management in this way surfaces any differences in viewpoint, underscores areas of alignment and creates a bias for action.

We analyze all of this feedback to understand current strengths of the board/management relationship and identify areas where constructive changes can yield further improvements – and shift the board to its optimal operating mode. This culminates in a joint working session of the board and management facilitated jointly by Board Advisor, board and corporate leadership – and an Action Plan resulting from this working session where everyone’s on the same page.

Pricing starts at $59,500

Most projects take about two months to complete. Download Optimizing the Board/Management Relationship for more information.