Board Effectiveness Programs for New CEOs

We offer four programs to help New CEOs master one of the most important transitions of their career: Working effectively with their board – and building a board they can be genuinely proud of. Download the Program Guide on this webpage: Board Effectiveness Programs for New CEOs for more details.

Executive Coaching

This isn’t standard executive coaching or CEO on-boarding. It’s focused entirely on building the foundation of a constructive CEO/board relationship and addressing board-related issues. Unlike most executive coaches, we can offer new CEOs the benefit of our unparalleled experience in working with nearly 200 boards over the past 25 years, providing fresh perspectives, innovative practices from other boards and practical advice on a range of board-related issues that inevitably arise early on in a new CEO’s tenure. Coaching sessions may include discussing around some of the following topics:

  • Understanding the Board you’ve inherited
  • Preliminary One-on-One’s with board members
  • Developing a constructive working relationship with Board Leadership
  • Preparing to Engage with the Board on Corporate Strategy
  • Board Development

Pricing:  $9,500 for 10 hours

One-on-One Workshops for New CEOs

We offer a package of three 90-minute workshops exclusively for new CEOs with our President, Beverly Behan. They’re one-on-one so that you can discuss the application of these concepts to your own board in a confidential setting – something that a classroom or group setting fails to offer.  The program starts with our signature workshop, Optimizing the CEO/Board Relationship; from there, you can select two additional workshops (see the New CEO’s Program guide for more details on each Workshop):

  • The CEO/Board Relationship (included)
  • Working with Board Leadership
  • Preliminary Meetings with Your Board Members
  • Building a Board-Worthy Executive Team
  • A New CEO’s Board-Building Toolkit
  • Dealing with Director Performance Issues

The 3-workshop package includes:

  • A 45-minute initial Zoom call to clarify your objectives for the sessions and discuss some of the history and background of your board so that workshops can be tailored accordingly
  • Confidentiality Agreement signed by Board Advisor at the outset to ensure that discussions in the workshop and the preliminary call can be open and candid

Pricing: $9,500 (additional workshops may be added for $2,500 each)

Optimizing the Board/Management Relationship

 This program is particularly effective in New CEO scenarios; it also works well with a change in board leadership.  To learn more about this terrific program, download the New CEO’s Program Guide on this webpage, which outlines the program in detail along with pricing – or Click on the Link.

Building a Board-Worthy Executive Team

 If you don’t put your own stamp on the way your executive team works with your board, they’ll simply continue in the pattern of your predecessor. This is one of the most effective ways for any New CEO to have immediate and positive boardroom impact – and it’s typically “low hanging fruit”. For more information, download the New CEO’s Program Guide – or Click on the Link.