Great Companies Deserve Great Boards

This Governance Classic has just been re-launched on Amazon and now available worldwide in four different formats:

  • eBook
  • AudioBook
  • Paperback
  •  Hardcover

NEW!! A One-on-One Workshop – with the Author

The Workshop: Great Companies Deserve Great Boards

This unique one-on-one workshop with the author based on Great Companies Deserve Great Boards includes three components based on book chapters:

  • Eight Key Parameters of Board-Building
  • Board Engagement in Strategy
  • CEO Succession Planning

This 90 minute workshop is conducted via Zoom An NDA is signed in advance to facilitate a candid discussion about the application of these principles to YOUR board – something that is never possible in a classroom or group setting.

Pricing: $2500 > RELAUNCH SPECIAL $1500

$7500 for a Workshop with your Full Board

Please email the author directly for more information and to schedule a Workshop that best suits your convenience:

“I’ve attended over 500 board meetings of Fortune 100 companies and wish I had read this book before I went to the very first one. It is excellent!”
-Norm Augustine, Retired Chair/CEO, Lockheed Martin

“Beverly Behan has made a compelling argument for getting better value from most public companies’ most under-used asset – the Board of Directors – and has given us an accessible, practical guide for making that happen.”
-Nell Minow, Co-Founder, The Corporate Library