For IPO Boards – Getting Off to a Great Start in the Boardroom

Board Advisor, LLC can serve as a unique resource to companies undertaking an Initial Public Offering to help the board off to a great start in working effectively with corporate leadership. Areas of our practice that can be particularly useful in an IPO scenario include:

Developing Board Leadership:

Building a strong foundation for your Chair in leading the Board starts with a clear understanding of the eight parameters of board-building, the responsibilities of any Board Chair and workable protocols to optimize the board/management relationship.  A 90 minute individual workshop for the Chair, Lead Director or CEO is a good place to start – click here for an outline of our IPO Workshop. The workshop is highly interactive and provides a confidential forum for questions and discussion.

Optimizing Board Composition:

It’s essential to design your optimal board’s composition from the outset – even if many VCs and initial investors will remain on the board through the IPO.  Working through a Board 2.0 exercise with use can be eye-opening and takes only 45 minutes. Download our IPO Package for more information on Board 2.0 and Board Composition Benchmarking.

Building a Board-Worthy Executive Team:

How your management team works with the board has tremendous impact on the board’s effectiveness – and can determine whether the board becomes an asset or a nuisance. We can readily tailor our IPO Workshop to a senior management team, ensuring that it’s custom designed to best fit your needs.

Designing an Effective Director Orientation Program:

It’s easy to overlook director orientation in your haste to assemble an IPO board but the faster new directors come to understand your business, company and team, the sooner they can make meaningful contributions in the boardroom. We offer guidance on best practices and innovations in director orientation including phasing, “board buddies” and the New Director 360, a Fortune 100 innovation that can help make the most of your director talent.  It’s not complicated to implement a worthwhile director orientation program and it can serve your board well for years to come.