The New Director 360

Making the Most of Director Talent

Created for a Fortune 100 board in 2019, the New Director 360 helps boards to make the most of their new director talent.

It’s best used 12-18 months into a new board member’s tenure – the capstone of an effective director orientation program:

  • It reinforces areas where the new director has already made strong contributions to the board
  • It nips any problems in the bud
  • It offers well-considered recommendations for continued director development.

New directors always like to hear that “things are going well”, but most don’t get much more feedback than that.  Understanding where their contributions have been valued to date, what they should be doing differently and how to continue their development beyond orientation is far more meaningful – in many cases downright invaluable!

Pricing for New Director 360s start at $15,000 US; (two directors total $25,000; 3-6 total $30,000 and 7 or more are $5000 each).