For Board Leadership

Board Champions are boardroom leaders who believe in excellence. They want to lead a truly outstanding Board of Directors and keep their great board vibrant. Champions are our favorite clients – in fact, they’re the only board leaders we work with. We want to help them create boards they’re genuinely proud to lead and to successfully navigate the challenges inherent in effective board leadership today.

Executive Coaching for New Board Chairs

We can offer Board Chairs the benefit of our unparalleled experience in working with nearly 200 boards and their leadership over the past 25 years, providing fresh perspectives, innovative practices from other boards and practical advice on a range of board-related issues. Coaching sessions may include discussing around some of the following topics:

  • Your First 100 Days as a New Board Chair
  • Building a Constructive Relationship with the CEO and Management
  • Making the Most of Your Board
  • Designing Effective Board Agendas and Facilitating Great Meetings
  • Dealing with Director Performance Management

Pricing:  $9,500  for 10 hours

Individualized Workshops for Board Leaders

We offer a package of three 90-minute workshops exclusively for Board Chairs with our President, Beverly Behan. It allows for confidential discussion you can never have in a classroom or group setting. Workshops are confidential and conducted via Zoom at a time that’s convenient for you. Looking for something more personal and meaningful in director education? This might be the perfect solution!

 The program starts with our signature workshop, The New Boardroom Landscape: 2022 and Beyond. From there, you can select two additional workshops (our Workshop List)

  • The New Boardroom Landscape: 2022 and Beyond (included)
  • Board Leadership:   Five Hallmarks of a True Board Champion
  • Optimizing Board Composition: From Board 2.0 to Director Orientation
  • CEO Succession Planning:  The Board’s Most Critical Decision
  • Board Evaluations: The “Bomb” in Creating A Great Board
  • Director Performance Management:  Stepping Up to the Most Awkward Issue Most Board Leaders Face.

 The 3-workshop package includes:

  • A 45-minute initial Zoom call to clarify your objectives for the sessions and discuss some of the history and background of your board so that workshops can be tailored accordingly
  • Confidentiality Agreement signed by Board Advisor at the outset to ensure that discussions in the workshop and the preliminary call can be open and candid

Pricing:  $9,500  (additional workshops may be added for $2,500 each)

A Unique Workshop for a Limited Time

To Celebrate the Relaunch of Our Classic Best-Seller, Great Companies Deserve Great Boards, we are offering a unique one-on-one workshop with the author at a special price. As with all individual workshops, we sign an NDA in advance to facilitate an open, confidential discussion.  

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Workshops for Your Board? Or a Board Committee?

Any of our Workshops for Board Leaders can be adapted to a workshop for your full board or a board committee and conducted via Zoom. This also includes a 45- minute pre-workshop consultation with board leadership and an NDA signed by Board Advisor in advance.  These workshops serve to get the entire board onto the same page – so that board leadership can move forward in a way that is never possible with directors attending individual classes/programs.


  • Board Committee (up to 5 participants): $3500 per workshop (60-90 mins)
  • Full Board: $7500 per workshop (60-90 mins)