Building a Board-Worthy Executive Team

Developed from our work with nearly 200 boards over the past 25 years, this program includes a review of two sets of board materials and confidential Zoom interviews with every director to get their views on current strengths and areas for enhancement when it comes to board pre-reading materials and executive presentations in board meetings.  We also interview the CEO and those corporate executives who regularly work with the board and its committees. Then we design a practical, interactive 90 minute workshop tailored to your executive team. Because it’s based on feedback, materials and analysis relative to your board, it’s meaningful and relevant. Workshop components typically include:

  • The Boardroom Landscape of 2022 and Beyond
  • Board Pre-Reading Materials
  • Board Presentations that Dazzle
  • Director Orientation:  

For more detailed information, download our white paper Building a Board-Worthy Executive Team

Pricing: $45,000

Includes preliminary discussions with the CEO on key objectives/observations, confidential pre-workshop interviews with up to 8 board members and 4 senior executives (conducted via Zoom) as well as a review of 2 sets of board pre-reading materials/agendas.

Optional Add-On’s:

  • Individual Executive Feedback:  Board interviews can be expanded to obtain confidential feedback for individual corporate executives on their effectiveness in working with the board.  Pricing:  $3500 per executive.
  • Individual Executive Run-Throughs:  Board Advisor will serve as an audience for an executive preparing for a board presentation, to highlight strengths of the presentation and identify potential improvements.  Pricing:  $1500 per session.

Limited Budget?

Consider a 60-minute workshop for your executive team that reflects our insights from working with dozens of boards around the world over the past 25 years.  The basic workshop is delivered via Zoom for up to 10 executives but does not include any pre-workshop interviews or materials review.

Pricing: $7,500

  • Add on: Pre-Workshop Review of two sets of Board Materials:  +$10,000 
  • Add-on: Pre-Workshop Interviews with CEO + 3 other Top Executives +$12,500