New CEOs Board EffectivenessDeveloping a constructive working relationship with the Board of Directors is one of the most important things for any new CEO to accomplish within the first 12-18 months of their tenure.  That’s why we wrote New CEO’s and Boards:  How to Build a Great Board Relationship – and a Great Board – and developed two unique programs specifically for new CEOs that draw on our experience working with nearly 200 boards over the past 25 years. 

New CEO’s Board Effectiveness Program

This isn’t executive coaching or standard CEO on-boarding. It focuses entirely on building the foundation of a constructive CEO/board relationship and draws upon our unparalleled expertise in working with boards for more than two decades. It’s designed to offer fresh perspectives, innovative practices from other boards and practical advice on a range of board-related issues that inevitably arise early on in a new CEO’s tenure.

The Program may be either 6 months ($15,000 US) or 12 months ($25,000 US) and offers 2 hours/month of confidential, individual consulting; time can be “banked” or accelerated” for up to 3 months – providing a total of 6 hours per quarter. For more information DOWNLOAD our 1-page handout. Or contact us about the “New CEO’s Board Effectiveness Program”. This program is strictly limited to 6 CEO participants at any one time to ensure that each is well served. If the Program is full, consider an individual CEO workshop; some CEOs like to take a workshop first and then apply for the Program.

Individual CEO Workshops

Individual 90-minute CEO workshops start at $1500 US. Choose from among the six topics on our Workshop List and we’ll tailor the session to best meet your objectives.  Workshops include:

  • A 15-minute pre-workshop Zoom/call to clarify objectives so that the 90-minute session is focused accordingly;
  • Confidentiality Agreements signed by Board Advisor prior to each session to ensure that discussion can be open and candid.
  • The relevant eChapter of the new book (pre-publication manuscript) that corresponds to the selected Workshop Topic, for ongoing reference.

Although most CEOs prefer an individualized workshop, they can also be conducted for a group – either your executive team or board – starting at $3000/workshop.

When’s the New CEO’s Book Coming Out?

Stay tuned, we’re developing an on-line course as well. For updates on these and other board-related issues, including complimentary chapters, we’ll be releasing between now and publication.