Individual Workshops for Board Leaders

The New Boardroom Landscape – 2021 and Beyond

This workshop focuses on the underpinnings of board effectiveness, the transitions most boards made over the past two decades, four board archetypes that characterize most boards today (and which one best describes your board) and the necessary pre-requisites to make the shift nearly every board worldwide now wants to achieve.

Board Leadership – Hallmarks of a Boardroom Champion

What sets board champions apart when it comes to board facilitation, working relationship with the Chief Executive Officer and keeping a “finger on the pulse” of the board?  We’ll discuss the importance of well-considered “board choreography” in leading tough decisions in the boardroom and the key role of the Chair/Lead Director in both board and director effectiveness – including some basic tools to help you optimize both.

Optimizing Board Composition – from Board 2.0 to Director Orientation

This workshop takes a comprehensive and forward-looking approach to the issue of board composition, including a working session on designing Board 2.0 for your own board.  It covers the use of director expectations, director recruitment packages, strategies to optimize diversity recruitment objectives and upgrading your director orientation program, including the New Director 360, a 2019 innovation from a F100 client. maintain a truly outstanding Board of Directors.

CEO Succession Planning – the Board’s Most Critical Decision

The most important decision any board will make is nearly always their choice of Chief Executive Officer.  That’s why the board needs to be firmly in the driver’s seat on CEO succession planning – orchestrating a comprehensive CEO succession plan that incorporates insights from every member of the board and the sitting CEO.  We’ll introduce the CEO succession roadmap – and two critical steps your board needs to take before calling a headhunter.

Board Evaluation – The Biggest Secret in Creating a Great Board

Most board evaluations are a squandered opportunity. But redesigned, board evaluations can become a watershed exercise that takes your board “from good to great”. We’ll outline what’s required to make this shift –including the use of structured, Zoom based interviews rather than surveys –whether (and how) to incorporate management feedback and a range of other issues. And we’ll answer practical questions about pros/cons of introducing these new elements to your current board evaluation process.

Director Performance Management – Stepping up to the Most Awkward Issue Many Board Leaders Face

This workshop focuses on four Director Performance Management Tools every board champion should know about.  We’ll discuss the importance of tailoring your approach to the performance issue at hand – behavioral issues vs expertise issues need to be addressed in different ways.  The session will be designed to include plenty of time to confidentially discuss any director performance issues currently on your mind.  We sign Confidentiality Agreements in advance.

Pricing and Format:

These are designed as individual workshops to enable you to have an entirely open, confidential discussion about your own board in the context of the workshop topic.

Pricing for each 90-minute individual workshop starts at $1500 US and includes:

  • A 15-minute pre-workshop Zoom/call to clarify your objectives; this ensures that the 90-minute session is focused accordingly;
  • Confidentiality Agreement signed by Board Advisor prior to each session to ensure that discussion during the workshop can be open and candid;
  • eCopy of our Board-Building Toolkit

Workshops for Your Entire Board?

If you’re interested in one of these workshops for your entire board or a board committee, pricing ranges from $3500 US (Committee) to $5000 US (full board).

✓ This includes an additional pre-workshop Zoom/call for a board committee and up to 4 pre-workshop Zoom/calls for a full board workshop (typically with the Chair/Lead Director, Nom/Gov Committee Chair, CEO and/or General Counsel/Corp Secretary, if appropriate) and Ecopies of our Board-Building Toolkit for all

✓ All workshops are conducted via Zoom or your videoconferencing platform of choice (so long as it facilitates slide sharing).

For More Information

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